Monday, April 28, 2014


Frumious Bandersnatch – Live at The Poppycock, Palo Alto, CA 1968

1. You Gotta Believe (George Tickner, Jack King)
2. Ten Cents A Ride (unknown)
3. Bang, Bang You’re Dead (unknown)
4. Black Box (Jack King)
5. Woodrose Syrup (Jack King)
6. Baby Mine (unknown)
7. Rosemary’s Baby (Bob Winkelman)
8. I Believe You (unknown)
9. Cheshire (George Tickner, Jack King)
David Denny: lead guitar
Jack King: drums, vocals
Jimmy Warner: solo guitar
Bobby Winkelman: rhythm guitar, vocals
Ross Valory: bass, vocals (December 1967 thru October 1968)
Jack Notestein: bass, vocals (November 1968 onward)


drogos said...

As usual very rare stuff on your blog. Happy to be the first to thank you finding this gem. I may imagine that Jack King is the same who will be drummer for the Steve Miller Band.
Best regards from the French West Coast,

Anonymous said...

Amazing Post! Thanks So Much! I did not know that this recording existed until today.I am now going to have a Frumious Bandersnatch few days and just Dig listening to all there stuff again.Groovy!!!

E Craig said...

Great Blog!!!

Brings back many memories growing up and raiding the parents record collection. Thanks.

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