Sunday, April 27, 2014


Diga Rhythm Band with Special Guest Jerry Garcia
San Francisco, CA -
Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park  
1.Persuasion( Sweet Sixteen)
2.Introductions and Noodling
3.Fire On the Mountain ( Happiness Is Drumming)         

below is a copy paste of the Musicians that Contributed to the Diga Album Released in 1976.  Who, of these people were onstage this day, is a quest for the Historians to Nail down.

    Diga Rhythm Band
    * Jordan Amarantha - congas, bongos
    * Peter Carmichael - tabla
    * Aushim Chaudhuri - tabla
    * Vince Delgado - dumbek, tabla, talking drum
    * Tor Dietrichson - tabla
    * Mickey Hart - traps, gongs, timbales, tympani
    * Zakir Hussain - tabla, folk drums, tar
    * Jim Loveless - marimbas
    * Joy Shulman - tabla
    * Ray Spiegel - vibes
    * Arshad Syed - duggi tarang, nal

    * Jerry Garcia - guitar (on Razooli and Happiness Is Drumming)
    * Jim McPherson - vocals (on Razooli)
    * Kathy McDonald - vocals (on Razooli)
    * David Freiberg - vocals (on Razooli)

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Anonymous said...

The first track is "Sweet Sixteen" and the third track is "Happiness Is Drumming" (pre-cursor to Fire On The Mountain). Aside from Mickey and Zakir, I'm not sure who from Diga is playing at the park this day, however, Jerry Garcia on guitar and David Freiberg on bass sit in for the third track. Zakir who does the talking on track two, does not introduce the band, only the types of drums, before introducing Garcia & Freiberg.

Speaking of Diga Rhythm, does anyone have recordings of the earlier band (Tal Vida) or the later band (El Vive Bien)?

Thanks for sharing, very cool show.

Bob W.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments Bob, clears up the Fire on the Mountain question I was going to pose. It doesn't appear until "Shakedown Street" officially, so I was surprised to see it hear in 1975 and thank you too Mr Deja Vu man

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