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The Sonics are an American garage rock band from Tacoma, Washington, originating in the early 1960s. Among the Sonics' contemporaries were the Kingsmen, the Wailers, the Dynamics, the Regents, and Paul Revere & the Raiders. Their aggressive, hard-edged sound has been a major influence on punk, garage, and hard rock music worldwide.

They played a mixture of garage rock standards ("Louie, Louie", "Have Love, Will Travel"), early rock and roll ("Jenny, Jenny", "Skinny Minnie") and original compositions such as "Strychnine", "Psycho", and "The Witch", all based upon simple chord sequences, played hard and fast.

The lyrics of The Sonics' original material dealt with early 1960s teenage culture: cars, guitars, surfing, and girls (in songs like "The Hustler", "Boss Hoss" and "Maintaining My Cool") alongside darker subject matter such as drinking strychnine for kicks, witches, psychopaths, and Satan (in the songs "Strychnine", "The Witch", "Psycho", and "He's Waitin'", respectively).

    Gerry Roslie — organ, piano, lead vocals
    Freddie Dennis — bass guitar, vocals
    Larry Parypa — lead guitar, vocals
    Rob Lind — saxophone, harp, vocals
    Dusty Watson — drums

The Sonics
  The Bell House

Brooklyn, New York
 April 13, 2013

01. Cinderella
02. Money (That's What I Want)
03. Shot Down
04. He's Waitin'
05. Dirty Robber
06. Have Love, Will Travel
07. Vampire Kiss
08. Keep A Knockin' But You Can't Come In
09. Cheap Shades
10. You've Got Your Head On Backwards
11. Boss Hoss
12. Wildfire?
13. Bad Attitude
14. Louie Louie
15. Psycho
16. Crowd Ambience
17. I Don't Need No Doctor
18. Miriam Linna Intro
19. Have Love, Will Travel
(with Miriam Linna - drums)
20. Strychnine
21. The Witch


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