Sunday, April 6, 2014


As many of you know the Microsoft support ends soon on the XP operating system. My desktop still uses that system so therefore It will no longer be safe to use the internet from that OS. I will have to upgrade to a new computer with a new OS as windows 7 or 8 but it may be awhile. I will try to stay in touch via a laptop but to do things efficiently I will have to upgrade. The posting will be a little more infrequent but I will get back into full swing hopefully soon.


drogos said...

Thanks for the info. But don't worry there are so many gems on your blog that we can wait?
Best regards,

AussieJohn said...

There's a lot of confusion about XP support.
All Microsoft are doing is withdrawing support - in other words they are making no further changes to XP.
This is no drama as most people have "automatic updates" turned off anyway.
The company I work for uses XP on it's thousands of PCs and has no plans to change.
As always, a good virus buster is essential on your PC but there's no need to change from XP.

Unknown said...

You could always try Linux. I did 8 yrs ago and haven't looked back.

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