Friday, April 4, 2014



01  my heart beats like a hammer
02  merry go round
03  long grey mare
04  hellhound on my trail
05  shake your moneymaker
06  looking for somebody
07  no place to go
08  my baby's good to me
09  albatross
10  cold black night
11  the world keep on turning
12  got to move
13  the green manalishi
14  oh well (pt1)
15  oh well( pt2)
16  dragonfly
17  black magic woman
18  closing my eyes
19  coming your way
20  rattlesnake shake
21  showbiz blues
22  stop messin' around
23  madison blues
24  jenny jenny


Anonymous said...

Thank you! ANY Fl Mac w/ Peter Green is always welcome. What an amazing guitarist. B.B.King once said that he was the only one who made him "sweat". Their live recordings are worth searching out too! "Shrine-'69" & the 3-CD Live in Boston as well as many bootlegs out there. I lost interest soon after he left the band. Larry

intercepter said...

Big Thanx ! !

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