Friday, September 19, 2014


                                                   Cover concept by Me,Myself, & I

For one last Robert Hunter post I give you a partial recording from Robert and the band Comfort. This recording is from My Father's Place, Roslyn, NY on 5-27-78. In this post I have put together a few of the tunes from his sets on that evening with the thought of giving a feel for the Alligator Moon LP that he had recorded a year or so before with Comfort. Hunter says his was never satsified with the final results of that recording and it has never been released.

1 Keys To The Rain
2 It Must Have Been The Roses
3 Big Wind
4 Promontory Rider *
5 All The Same
6 Alligator Moon Suite*
7 Blue Note *
8 New East Saint Louis Blues *
9 Friend Of The Devil
10 Wild Bill
11 Tiger Rose
12 Jesse James *
13 Cruel White Water
14 That Train
15 Ripple
16 Rum Runners

* An Alligator Moon Song


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the Robert Hunter. I saw him once with Barry Melton in (probably) 1976. I look forward to hearing Jack O' Roses and others I didn't have on LP.

I was hoping you would have posted Amagamalin Street. Used to have it on cassette and was a favorite of mine with Cipollina's guitar.Another one I wish I still had is Mickey Hart's Rolling Thunder but that goes back to 8- track tapes.

Thanks for all you do. There is always something at your site to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your wonderful posts. This Hunter is pure surprise for me. Prost once more!

Unknown said...

I am Richard McNees (spelled correcty), and I co-wrote this with Hunter. I enjoyed hearing this very much. I had left the band at the time, but this is a very in interesting treatment of the song and communicates the drama we had visualized. It is missing some of my elements, but has unexpected others and was a very pleasant recollection or our collaborative process. Hunter is a great writer and willing to take an extra step.

24HRDEJAVU said...

Thanks for your Feedback Richard
Hope it has brought back good memories

Narrow Dog said...

Hi This downloads a program not a music file. Can you check please.

Narrow Dog said...

PS the other link is fine it is the bayfiles one that is the problem. Cheers and thanks for this.

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