Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Jack O'Roses

Robert Hunter

Initial release : 1980
Dark Star DSLP 8001
Robert Hunter solo album recorded and released in the UK. Includes the complete Terrapin Station Suite and a number of other songs that were performed by the Grateful Dead.

  • Box Of Rain (Hunter/Lesh)
  • Reuben And Cerise (Garcia/Hunter)
  • Talkin' Money Tree (Hunter)
  • Friend Of The Devil (Dawson/Garcia/Hunter)
  • Delia DeLyon And Stagger Lee (Hunter)
  • Lady Of Carlisle (Traditional)
  • Book Of Daniel (Hunter / Freiberg)
  • Terrapin
    1. Lady With A Fan (Garcia/Hunter)
    2. Terrapin Station (Garcia/Hunter)
    3. Ivory Wheels/Rosewood Track (Hunter)
    4. Jack O' Roses (Hunter)
  • Prodigal Town (Hunter)

  • Robert Hunter - guitar, vocals

  • Engineer, mixing - Arthur Anderson
  • Artwork - Trevor Wright
  • Photography - Roy Wilbraham
  • Agency - Magna, New York (Bill Hahn)
  • Project co-ordination - Nick Ralph
  • Recorded and mixed at Terrapin Records' studio, London


Ken said...


Anonymous said...

I love your side and I love this Record, 'cause the Man who took the Picture for the Back Cover spend some Time at my Home while the Dead toured Europe in 1990! Roy, a nice Englishman! Keep on says Pnoom

Madshoes Carlos said...

Excellent posts Bill, take care and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I love this record, especially the Terrapin Suite. I wish Garcia had set the whole thing to music and played it with the Dead.

I still play "Prodigal Town" on guitar after all these years. The second verse is so great:

The seasonal change, you can tell by the rain
Though the leaves never flame, it is Fall
I hear Vivaldi come drifting on by
From a ladies' quartet down the hall
Give it its due
It's where I met you
And you were my reason to stay
In a Prodigal Town

Thanks for posting this.

Bob W.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanks Carlos good to hear from you ! Bill

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