Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Mid-Mountain Ranch
Banana And The Bunch
Initial release : 1972

Raccoon 13 / Warner BS 2626

The only solo release by Banana. Recorded after the Youngbloods split up, with all members of the group except Jesse Colin Young.

    album cover

Side A;

    Back In The USA (Berry)
    My True Life Blues (Levinger)
    Vanderbilt's Lament (Levinger / Kane / Bauer / Anderson)
    Interlude (Levinger)
    Double Interlude (Levinger / Swallow)
    Sittin' Alone In The Moonlight (Monroe)
    In Foggy Old London (Robinson)
    Before The Sun Goes Down (Cloud / Organ)

Side B;

    New Sail Away Ladies
    Ocean Of Diamonds
    Familiar Patterns
    Great Blue Heron
    Honky Tonk Blues (Williams)
    Lucas Valley Breakdown


    Banana (Lowell Levinger) - piano, guitar, bass, vocals
    Michael Kane - bass
    Steve Swallow - bass
    Joe Bauer - drums
    Earthquake Anderson - harmonica 




snakeboy said...

Thanks for posting this. He's also released a new album within the last year called "Down to the Roots." I'm sure a Google search will get you close. Very bluesy.

john said...

I can listen to the Youngbloods any time any place. Banana's keyboards are a favorite. Very talented musician. I usually don't request anything but when I saw this listed I thought please give us more. Thanks for all the years of great music. Irreplaceable.

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