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Based in San Francisco, Hammer was composed of singer John DeRoberts, drummer  John Guerin, keyboardist Norman Landsberg, bass player Richie McBride, and guitarist Jack O'Brian.  The band's lucky break came in 1969 when they attracted a mentor in the form of the legendary Bill Graham.  Graham showcased the band with a number of opening act performances at the Fillmore East and West, quickly signing them to his Atlantic Records affiliated San Francisco label.A great review of this artist can be found at this link


Initial release : 1970San Francisco SD 203
The only album released by Hammer.

  • Something Easy (De Roberts/Landesberg)
  • Hot and Cold (O'Brien)
  • Tuane (Landesberg)
  • You May Never Wake up (Kennedy / O'Brien)
  • Hangover Horns (De Roberts/Kennedy / O'Brien)
  • Charity Taylor (De Roberts / Landesberg / O'Brien)
  • Sad Song, Happy Song (Kennedy / O'Brien)
  • Sweet Sunday Morning (Landesberg / Austin)
  • Pains and Tears (Landesberg)
  • Death to a King (Landesberg)
  • John De Roberts - vocals
  • Jack O'Brien - guitar
  • Norman Landsberg - keyboards
  • John Guerin - drums
  • Ritchie Mcbride - bass
  • Producer - David Rubinson


FiveGunsWest said...

I caught these guys at Veteran's Memorial Auditorium in 1970. They opened for Grand Funk Railroad. Also on the bill were Steel River who were quite good and it was the first time I had seen Fibes drums and man, did they sound great. Next up were Brownsville Station and they were awesome. I don't think any of us knew who Hammer were and we were all pleasantly surprised. The guitarist shredded. He played two songs at the same time, on lead, in different time signatures and everything. A very neat trick. The only other time I've heard that is on "Stoned Cowboy" by Fantasy. They also used "the Bag" for the first time that any of us had ever seen it. It would become very popular a few years later ala Peter Frampton. Hammer rocked everyone's socks off and had the crowd on their feet for most of the set. They did their job well opening for Grand Funk. Mark Farner asked the crowd "We're Hammer great?" and everyone cheered. Thanks for posting

Grant said...

Another great post...thanks

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