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                                           Artwork by Alton Kelly and Stanley Mouse

Artist: Robert Hunter

Title: Tiger Rose

Date: 1975

Label: Round Records RX-105

Producer: Jerry Garcia

There's a stellar line up here to assist Dead lyricist and Jerry Garcia's partner in crime with the second album of his own. While Hunter's voice can be an acquired taste there's no doubting the source of the stories he tells. Wind from the desert, from the plains and blown across the back porches of an older America come from the lungs and soul of the author. All new, but with a familiar feels as if we've heard them before. It takes a unique talent to write a song that is both new and instantly recognizable.

Line Up:

Robert Hunter: vocals and songs
Jerry Garcia: guitar, piano, synthesizer, pedal steel
B. D. Shot: drums
Mickey Hart: percussion
David Torbert: bass
David Freiberg: piano, celeste
Pete Sears: organ, bass
Donna Jean Godchaux: background vocals


* Tiger Rose (Hunter)
* One Thing To Try (Hunter)
* Rose Of Sharon (Hunter)
* Wild Bill (Hunter)
* Dance A Hole (Hunter)
* Cruel White Water (Hunter)
* Over The Hills (Hunter)
* Last Flash Of Rock 'N' Roll (Hunter)
* Yellow Moon (Hunter)
* Ariel (Hunter)


Anonymous said...

BD Shot is actually another name for Mickey Hart. On the mixing board, he saw the labels for the channels and decided to use the name.
bass drum (BD)
snare (S)
high-hat (H)
overhead (O) ( could be either a cymbal or mic)
tom-tom (T)

A nice obscure tidbit for a very cool album. I like this one even more than his first LP.

Bob W.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Hey Bob W You learn something every day I did not know about BD Shot Thanks for the comment

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