Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The Guess Who
Ambassador Theater, St. Louis, MO
Radio Broadcast - KSHE-FM

One of the last concerts of the 1974 spring tour (shortly before guitarists Kurt Winter and Donnie McDougall left the group). 
Due to technical problems (a blown amp, or some other electrical malfunction), "Artificial Flowers" and "Sour Suite" were played as solo piano pieces by Burton. 

The Band: 
Gary Peterson 
Bill Wallace 
Burton Cummings 
Kurt Winter 
Donnie McDougall

Disc One - 61:07 minutes
01. Intro 
02. Bus Rider 
03. New Mother Nature 
04. Artificial Flowers
05. Sour Suite
06.  >> interlude
07. Undun 
08. Albert Flasher 
09. Runnin' Back To Saskatoon 
10. Glamour Boy
11. Self Pity 
12. Clap For The Wolfman
13. These Eyes
14. Star Baby
15. >> interlude 
16. Straighten Out
17. Bye Bye Babe

Disc Two - 40:15 minutes 
01. Medley: American Woman / Truckin' Off Across The Sky / No Sugar Tonight   20:55
02. Share The Land   4:58
03. No Time   5:30
04. (Applause) > Orly   5:45
05. (KSHE Analysis) > Leave It To Beaver Theme (Burton Cummings & Bill Wallace)   3:09


snakeboy said...

Always liked this version of the band. Thought they took more chances.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I agree about your statement and have to say that my favorite lp's from the band are Rockin;, *10 and Road Food

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