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Live at the Roxy, Los Angeles, CA; December 11, 1975. Excellent FM broadcast.

Mention “country rock” and most people will mention the Eagles. Those into country rock will likely remember The Ozark Mountain Daredevils for their hits, Jackie Blue and If You Wanna Get To Heaven. Jackie Blue, with its smooth vocals a-la Curtis Mayfield is not your typical country rock song but then fans of the group will probably tell you that the Daredevils, from Springfield, Missouri, are not your typical country rock band. Take Better Days, for instance. The song may have a funky beat but that didn’t stop the band from taking an extended jazzy excursion with the flute.

 “The Daredevils manage to mix the traditional sounds from the hills and hollows of the Ozarks with R&B, ’70s rock, and you name it… The Daredevils always managed to jump back and forth from the pure rural “hillbilly” sound to any number of directions.”

Track 01. Absolute Zero
Track 02. Walkin’ Down The Road 
Track 03. Black Sky )
Track 04. Chicken Train 
Track 05. Noah
Track 06. Road To Glory 
Track 07. Out On The Sea
Track 08. Jackie Blue 
Track 09. E.E. Lawson 
Track 10. Better Days
Track 11. If You Wanna Get To Heaven 
Track 12. 15 Chihuahuas 
Track 13. Time Warp
Track 14. Look Away 


drogos said...

Love that band so happy to find another show. Many thanks for sharing and congratulations for your job.
Best regards from the French West Coast,

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