Monday, November 24, 2014


                                          The final studio sessions for  Gypsy.
1975/1976: A new version of Gypsy records one 45 for the DORE’ label.  The two songs, Magic in My Life and Don’t Stop for Nothin’ are both written by Jim Johnson, who also sings lead vocals on both songs.  This version of Gypsy is Jim Johnson on lead vocals and guitar, James Walsh on keyboards and vocals, Lewis Derrey on bass guitar and vocals, Stan Kipper on drums and vocals and Chico Perez on percussion.   Jim Johnson records a second version of Magic in My Life with James Gadson on drums and Chuck Rainey on bass guitar, produced by Michael Stewart.  This version is never released.
Enrico Rosenbaum, along with Jim Johnson and various studio musicians’ record a number of songs written by Enrico, including Dance Marango, none of which are ever released.


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