Monday, December 1, 2014


 A live one from the classic lineup! This one is a definite listen!

4/13/74 Late Show
Academy of Music, NYC

John Dawson - rhythm guitar, vocals
David Nelson - lead guitar, vocals
Skip Battin - bass, vocals
Buddy Cage - pedal steel guitar
Spencer Dryden - drums

disc one: 64:05

01: I Don't Know You
02: Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
03: Austin Texas>
04: Instant Armadillo Blues
05: One Too Many Stories
06: Panama Red
07: Garden Of Eden
08: She's No Angel
09: Tico Tico
10: Parson Brown
11: L.A. Lady
12: Henry
13: Neon Rose
14: Crooked Judge 

disc two: 62:24 

01: tuning
02: Six Days On The Road*
03: Dim Lights, Thick Smoke*
04: Last Lonely Eagle*
05: Dead Flowers*
06: Truck Drivin' Man*
07: Portland Woman
08: Glendale Train*
09: On The Amazon
10: Honky Tonk Women*
11: Nadine*

notes: *w/ Commander Cody beating
on the keys like the piano owed
him money


Anonymous said...

Love the quote about Commander Cody.

Bob W

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This was a killer lineup back then, w/ Dryden driving the band. I saw them a couple of times and maybe this exact show. If it is the same one [don't have my ticket stub] we got out just before sunrise! What a setlist too! Larry

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