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Midnight Moonlight is the thirteenth studio album by the New Riders of the Purple Sage, released in 1992. It features studio recordings of original and cover songs, performed in a style heavily influenced by bluegrass and American folk music. The instrumentation is largely acoustic, with no drums. This is in contrast to most earlier New Riders albums, which emphasized electric country rock.. It is  current;y out of print.


Midnight Moonlight (Rowan)
Sutter's Mill (Dawson)
Charlie's Garden (Dawson)
All I Remember (Moll/Pell)
Louisiana Lady (Dawson)
Ballad Of The Deportee (Guthrie)
Taking It Hard (New)
Glendale Train (Dawson)
Change In The Weather (Dawson)
Diesel On My Tail (Fagan)
Lonesome L.A. Cowboy (Rowan)

New Riders;

John Dawson - guitar, vocals
Rusty Gauthier - guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, fiddle, banjo, vocals
Gary Vogensen - guitar, vocals
Fred Campbell - bass

Additional musicians

John Pedersen - uillean pipes, banjo
Evan Morgan - guitar
Keith Allen - guitar, slide guitar
Carolyn Gauthier - vocals
Kevin Wimmer - cajun accordian, fiddle
Norton Buffalo - harmonica
Bill Laymon - earthwood bass
David Nelson - mandolin, guitar


Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,
I've seen the NRPS photo before, but find it hard to believe it's NRPS. The lead singer/acoustic guitar player doesn't look much like John "Marmaduke" Dawson. Any idea on the source of this photo?
Thanks for all the great NRPS posts.

Bob W.

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