Thursday, March 12, 2015


A 1970’s St. Louis progressive rural rock group consisting of Mike Krenski (bass-vocal), Charles Sabatino (flute- recorder-vocal), Joseph Marshall (electric & acoustic guitar-pedal steel) Phil Jost (keyboards-vocal), and Jim Bilderback (percussion). 

LP 1 -  Jake Jones

Breathe Deep
Catch The Wind
Feather Bed
I'll Be Seeing You
Ill - Mo Junction
In All My Dreams
Lost In My Own Backyard
Mirrored Door
She Must Be Free
Trippin' Down A Country Road

LP 2 - Different Roads

A Suite from the Court Jester
Child Child
Different Roads
I'll See You Through
It's Only Love You'll Know
Motherly Comfort
Of No Concern
Speak To Me Lady
When Your Brother


juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot, my friend

spunkie said...

Wow in all my years never heard of this. Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this band, but listening to them now, Fantasic, many thanks for posting

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