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The Beacon Street Union was a 1960s psychedelic era rock band, named for a street in their native Boston, whose original members were John Lincoln Wright (vocals, percussion), Paul Tartachny  (guitar, vocals), Wayne Ulaky (bass, vocals), Robert Rhodes (keyboards, bass), and Richard Weisberg (drums). With the exception of a few rock standards, their diverse music was composed by group members, primarily Wright and Ulaky. A later lead singer was Travis Fields.

MGM Records promoted them as part of the so-called "Bosstown Sound" (along with the groups Ultimate Spinach and Orpheus), with little success. Their first album was released directly before Ultimate Spinach's first album. After two albums, Wright, Ulaky, and Rhodes were joined by guitarist Jamie James and recorded an album as Eagle.

The Beacon Street Union were part of the dreaded, overhyped Bosstown Sound. The scene was a reaction to the San Fransisco rock explosion but Bosstown could in no way compete with the Bay area. The Beacon Street Union released three good experimental psych/hard rock albums (one album under the Eagle moniker) during the late 60’s and early 70’s. They were one of the best among a desperate bunch which included the Ultimate Spinach, Eden’s Children, Puff and Orpheus.

Eyes Of The Beacon Street Union

My Love Is 
Beautiful Delilah 
Sportin' Life 
Four Hundred And Five 
Mystic Morning 
Sadie Said No
Speed Kills 
Blue Avenue 
South End Incident 
Green Destroys The Gold 
The Prophet

The Clown Died In Marvin Gardins

 Blue Suede Shoes
Not Very August Afternoon
May I Light Your Cigarette
The Clown Died in Marvin Gardens
Angus of Aberdeen
King of the Jungle
The Clown's Overture
Now I Taste the Tears
Baby, Please Don't Go


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Definitely "second league" but if anything as good as this was being made today I'd buy it, happily. My money is safe. (I think the text should read "disparate" - but "desperate" is pretty funny!)

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