Monday, March 2, 2015


"Mission Rock was recorded live in San Francisco 1971 (excellent studio soundquality) -- music ranges in the early Quicksilver/Santana/Big Brother & The Holding Company style -- (68 mins) unreleased material! Gold in 1971 was one of the hottest bands in S.F. still without an LP. Bill Graham was booking the band to open shows for Ten Years After, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Mike Bloomfield....., with the hope and the support for an LP release. Now finally after 32 years here is the album Graham would have liked to hear. Country Joe McDonald took a personal interest in the band and worked with them on a number of projects, on this CD he wrote 2 of the 13 songs, which he had never performed with Country Joe & the Fish. The very telented guitarists Ed Scott/ Joe Bajza remind often to 'John Cipollina' founded Gold in 1967/68. Gold vocalist on Mission Rock Robin Sinclair was of the same cut of female singer of the time in the style of a 'Janis Joplin' -- an experienced professional who had recorded two LP's on Cadet Concept/Chess as part of a group called Saloom -- Sinclair and the Mother Bear. The music itself is very powerful in rhythm section with congas, two acid jamming guitars and vocals a la Janis 

Ed Scott - Rhythm guitar
Joe Bajza - lead guitar
Roy Garcia - drums
Chico Moncada - bass
Sebastian Nicholson - congas
Robin Sinclair - vocals
Ron Cabral - percussion

Track List: 

1.All Right 
2.Livin' High 
3.Can't Get Enough 
4.40 Days Blues 
5.Piece of Your Action 
6.Filet of Soul 
7.You Can't Judge a Book 
8.Good Old Wagon 
9.Frisco Kid 
10.Good Things Coming 
12.Home Cookin' Woman 
13.Summer Dresses 


Anonymous said...

Thanks Bill,
It was Piece of Your Action & Summer Dresses that were written by Country Joe.

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