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A kind of unusual posting with this one. If you have been looking at the posts recently we have gone from Day Blindness who morphed into Fox. The drummer from DB went on to play with Gold who also had a vocalist named Robin Sinclair, Robin had been with the Mother Bear before joining Gold
Robin joined Gold after making a duo Lp with Roger Salloom
Not to my liking per say but interesting and a piece of SF musical history

Anyway here is some Salloom Sinclair.....

Salloom, Sinclair & the Mother Bear were a late-’60s psychedelic band with an energetic but clumsy mixture of blues-rock, Bob Dylan-ish folk-rock lyrics, and some generic San Francisco psychedelic-style heavy rock.

Their vocals were handled by principal singer-songwriter Roger Salloom and the more distinctive, often keeningly high tones of Robin Sinclair, whose style was at times reminiscent of that of Janis Joplin, though sometimes she went into an astronomically high range.Their sole, self-titled album was produced by Marshall Chess on the Chess subsidiary Cadet Concept. The album can be seen as a “concept album”, mainly because of the narrative element and the talking during and in between the songs.

Slightly later, Salloom and Sinclair, as the hyphenated duo Salloom-Sinclair, released an album on Cadet Concept in 1969 produced by esteemed Nashville session man Charlie McCoy. 

Salloom, Sinclair & the Mother Bear

Be Born Again
Conversations With Gentility
She Kicked Me Out Of The House After This One
Florida Blues
Sitting On A Finger
Marie La Peau 

Salloom and Sinclair

Lesson At The Delicatessen
One More Try
I'm Comin' Home Again
Violence, Blam Blam, I'm Sorry
Faith Has Been Given
Let's Be Right


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