Saturday, March 14, 2015


A couple of months back I had a comment from a reader about my compilations. I have since forgotten who it was but I remembered his final line of the comment was that I should do one and call it Richard Nixon's Jukebox..........SO.........

Nixon could play five musical instruments. 
Nixon’s mother insisted he practice on the family’s upright piano every afternoon, and in the seventh grade he was sent 200 miles away to take lessons with his aunt, who had studied at the Indianapolis Conservatory of Music. Although he never learned to read music, Nixon could also play the saxophone, clarinet, accordion and violin. His musical talents turned ot to be political assets: Nixon’s 1963 appearance on “The Jack Paar Program,” during which he played a tune he wrote, helped rehabilitate his image after losing the California gubernatorial election the prior year. As president, he occasionally tickled the ivories, playing “Happy Birthday” for Duke Ellington at the White House and “My Wild Irish Rose” in honor of his wife at the Grand Ole Opry.

Here are 24 tunes that are or could have been connected ( in some bizarre way) to Nixon

01 a well respected man - kinks
02 buckle down with nixon - brian dewan
03 nixon's the one - mono puff
04 politician - cream
05 the love of richard nixon - manic steet preachers
06 go vote nixon - clancy hayes dixieland band
07 i wanna grow up to be a politician - byrds
08 politician - lee micheals
09 nixon now - mike curb congregation
10 nixon is fixin" -1972 campaign song 
11 elected - alice cooper
12 i'm the boss - burl ives
13 wild thing - richard nixon?
14 the 68 nixon(this tears model)- denver,boise and johnson
15 the richard nixon song - electric needle room
16 tricia tell your daddy - jay & the americans
17 campaigner - neil young
18 here's to the state of richard nixon - phil ochs
19 tricky dicky - country joe and grootna
20 ohio - crosby, stills. nash & young
21 nixon sings the blues - richard nixon?
22 moody richard - dan hicks & his hot licks
23 richard nixon - christmas
24 watergate blues - howlin" wolf 


Anonymous said...

Very cool, in a horrifying sort of way. Thank you!

Mouldysauerkraut said...

"Dickie's such an asshole" by Frank Zappa is the more explicite one, for me (and funny, too). You can feel the tense situation and the absurdity of the missing tapes argument.
I love those one, too :
"Back to the World" by Curtis Mayfield
"Machine Gun" by Band of Gypsys (Jimi Hendrix)
"Volunteers" by Jefferson Airplane

Markle said...

I always thought Kings by Steely Dan was about Nixon (and Kennedy).

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