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Stephen Stills & Manssas
22-03-1972, Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland
FM analog/FM DAT/Audience analog

This was the first ever concert of this band. They sound good for a first time out. Great band, A supergroup  per say
The concert was recorded for radio and TV. Over the years different parts of the show have been broadcast by radio, the last one in 2001 as we know of.
This project was completed in 2002, and a 3cd set was distributed in a small circle of people 
It has come to pub;ic  knowledge that several different bootlegs were made up of this original set, even original artwork was used in some of these. 
A very good reason to give this set a more public performance
Due to broadcasting proceedings some of the songs are cut as indicated. The third CD has the complete audience versions of the cut FM versions, for collectors only, as it is of poor quality.
Beside the superb sound quality of CD 1 and CD 2, the setlist has some nice gems like Move Around (ever played again?) Sugar Babe (rare outing), a long rap in "For What It's Worth" as a piano version 
and "Know You Got To Run" as the early version of "Ballad Of A Blind Fiddler"

Manassas was.......
Stephen Stills - vocals, guitar, bottleneck guitar, piano, organ.
Chris Hillman - vocals, guitar, mandolin 
Al Perkins - steel guitar, guitar, vocals 
Calvin "Fuzzy" Samuels - bass 
Paul Harris - organ, tack piano, piano, organ.
Dallas Taylor - drums 
Joe Lala - percussion, vocals

CD 1 (All FM/TV source)

1. Rock And Roll Woman
2. Bound To Fall
3. Hot Burrito #2
4. It Doensn't Matter
5. Go Back Home
6. Change Partners
7. Know You Got To Run
8. 4 & 20
9. Intro to
10. Bluesman
11. Word Game
12. Do For The Others
13. Move Around
14. Both Of Us ( Bound To Loose)
15. Love The One You're With
16. He Was A Friend Of Mine >

CD 2 (All FM/TV source

1. Fallen Eagle
2. Hide It So Deep
3. Johnny's Garden
4. Don't Look At My Shadow
5. Sugar Babe
6. Four Days Gone
7. <For What It's Worth.
8. < Song Of Love
9. Rock And Roll Crazies
10. Cuban Bluegrass
11. Jet Set [Sigh]
12. Anyway>
13. The Treasure
14. Find The Cost Of Freedom

CD 3 (All audience recorded)

1. He Was A Friend Of Mine
2. For What It´s Worth
3&4. Song Of Love/Rock And Roll Crazies
5. Cuban Bluegrass
6. Jet Set [Sigh]
7. Anyway>

                                                            Discs 1 & 2

            Disc 3         


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