Friday, April 3, 2015


Down The Road Outtakes 

Excellent quality collection of studio outtakes from Manassas second album. There are many versions in circulation but this one is the most complete and the best quality by far. 

1. Isn't It About Time
2. Lies
3. Pensamiento
4. Piece Of My Mind
5. Six More Days And I'll Be Gone
6. Mama Told You So
7. The Seventh Mountain
8. So Many Times
9. People, They Just Don't Seem To Understand
10. Down The Road
11. I Don't Even Have To Try
12. Rollin' My Stone
13. City Junkies
14. Business On The Street
15. Do You Remember Americans?
16. Guaguanco De Vero
17. The Seventh Mountain
18. Lies
19. Who Do You Turn To?
20. Down The Road
21. People, They Just Don't Seem To Understand
22. Isn't It About Time
23. Pensamiento


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