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Shake Down is the debut studio album by the British blues rock band Savoy Brown. It was released in 1967 (on Decca SKL 4883) under the name of Savoy Brown Blues Band and is mainly an album of covers, featuring three songs penned by blues singer Willie Dixon. In addition to Dixon, the band covers John Lee Hooker and B.B. King. No U.S. Release. Kim Simmonds  Assembled A Multiracial Band In 1965/66 And By 1967 Had Recorded "Shake Down". It's A Traditional Blues Album That Is Very Reminiscent Of Getting To The Point. Shake Down Consists Mostly Of Electrified Blues Rockers With A Great Edge And Spark, One Of The Best Tracks Is "Doormouse Rides The Rails", Featuring The Band's First-Rate Second Guitarist, Martin Stone. His Interplay With Savoy Brown Guitarist (& Band Leader) Kim Simmonds On Such Tracks As "It's All My Fault," "Shake 'Em On Down," And Especially On The Traditional Blues Opus "Black Night" Are Among The High Points Of The Album. Singer Bryce Portius Works Very Well For This Material. His Highlights Include The Howlin' Wolf Classic "I Ain't Superstitious," And The Willie Dixon-Penned Tune, "Little Girl". Kim Is Already Showing Maturity Beyond His Teenage Years In Terms Of Track Selection And Musical Direction; As A Guitarist, He Shows His Chops Very Nicely On "Shake 'Em On Down," Already Clearly Grasping The Less-Is-More Concept That Makes For Great Blues. Shake Down Is A Blues Gem.

Brice Portius  Vocals
Kim Simmonds  Guitar
Martin Stone  Guitar
Ray Chappell  Bass
Leo Manning  Drums
Bob Hall   Piano *
   1. Ain't Superstitious *
   2. Let Me Love You Baby
   3. Black Night
   4. High Rise
   5. Rock Me Baby
   6. I Smell Trouble
   7. Pretty Woman
   8. Little Girl *
   9. Doormouse Rides the Rails
  10. It's All My Fault
  11. Shake 'Em on Down *


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The "legend" that is Martin Stone...Mighty Baby, Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers and more...a myth amonst second book dealers...

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