Tuesday, January 26, 2016


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Anonymous said...

Cool selection. This album was released with additional tracks as a 2 CD set called Friends Of Extinction in 2004.I wore out this 1988 LP - it's that good.

Bob W.


what is the release date of this album, this is the first time listening to this, great stuff, I found out about this album awhile back because of Dinosaur Jr. Thanks for all the great post!!!

24HOURDEJAVU said...

This Lp was released in 1988 on the Relix label

nihil said...

Hi Bill,

Could you please be kind by re-uploading this piece ? The link is dead, it seems.
Many thanks for your work.

nihil said...

Wow ! Many, many thanks Bill, you are a true friendly gentleman. I did not know if you could answer positively, and you did .
I had lost trace of Cippolina after his Copperhead period, and found out only much later his multiple participations in other bands, as well as his touring Germany extensively with N Gravenites. So many regrets now... But you make my day, thanks again !

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