Monday, January 25, 2016


Photo of the area( table) in my living quarters of the military barracks. Jethro Tull poster on the wall, a candle waxed bottle and other Items of interest!  Photo by Me - Circa 1970  

Below is a photo of the "WALL" that was at the head of my bunk. Most of the images were created by me by putting together "collages" of clipping from magazines. The center of the wall was a hand drawn piece that I done and of course I cannot take any credit for the Jane - Barbarella poster
again my photo circa 1970

The Tunes......

01  break on through( to the other side) - doors
02  wayfaring stranger - hp lovecraft
03  i'm not your stepping stone - liverpool five
04  cast off all my fears - hour glass
05  come together - mystic siva
06  i can move a mountain - blues magoos
07  ivory castles - amboy dukes
08  that acapulco gold - rainy daze
09  dandelion - rolling stones
10  flowers in the rain - move
11  i need you - kinks
12  it happens everyday - lemon drops
13  feel flows - beach boys
14  swallow the sun - love exchange
15  gypsy eyes - blue scepter
16  i (who have nothing) - terry knight & the pack
17  5d (fifth dimension) - byrds
18  i'm not that kat anymore - sir douglas quintet
19  the garden is open - fugs
20  tin soldier - small faces
21  the little black egg - nightcrawlers
22  1-2-5 - the haunted
23  mr. soul - buffalo springfield
24  crimson and clover - tommy james & the shondells


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your service then and now; I trust the music biz is a lot more fun.

O.B. Dan said...

Looks like you were in Germany for the same reason as me. I hope you got to go to either the First or Second (and last) Annual British Rock Fest. And those bunks and barracks that went with them were enough to get me to live off-post.

juan manuel muñoz said...

thanks a lot, friend. Cheers

Andy Swapp said...

A wonderment! From the opening bars of the Doors' - Break On Through I was never to be the same again! Thank you for this wasn't expecting another volume don't know why. Expect the unexpected! What trip! ;o)

nihil said...

Although I was around at that time I was not aware of that Radstadion festival. Anyway I would not have been able to pay the entrance fee !
Barbarell on, Bill !

snakeboy said...

You should get into the comp making business. Good stories also.

michael said...

I have to tell you...the "Polaroids" posts are the best thing(s) you've ever done...put all 4 in a drive and hit random...just the best...thanks much! Dr.MAD (Michael)

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