Saturday, January 23, 2016


Another set of the polaroids group. The polaroid picture is of Chuck Berry that I took in Frankfurt Germany (1970) while attending a small rock festival there.Berry just happened to be walking to the stage area when I had the photo op.  I was on duty with the US Army at the time and spent a year around that area' The image credit goes to myself. I found a few old photos in some albums that I was packing up. I thought it would be fun to save them to the computer and share them. This pic is over 45 years old.

01  i feel free - cream
02  gospel zone - shadows of knight
03  "8" teen - ? and the mysterions
04  don't bring me down - pretty things
05  sad sad sunshine - hard times
06  pictures of matchstick men - status quo
07  green tambourine - lemon pipers
08  hurdy gurdy man - donovan
09  it's my life - animals
10  i want candy - strangeloves
11  just like romeo and juliet - ultimate spinach
12  over under sideways down - yardbirds
13  black roses - brain train
14  hurricane fighter plane - red krayola
15  just dropped in - first edition
16  ain't it hard - electric prunes
17  porpoise mouth - country joe & the fish
18  nasty - richard & the young lions
19  dark on you now - peanut butter conspiracy
20  i can't control myself - troggs
21  you can all join in - traffic
22  who are the brain police? - mothers of invention
23  no matter what you do - love
24  help I'm a rock - west coast pop art experimental band


Anonymous said...

excellent pic, great story, and your usual incredible touch with the mix; appreciate it.

ken49 said...

Really enjoy these mixes: the obvious, the out of left field, the new discoveries, the man I haven't heard that in a long time. It's great to hear these songs in a different context.

nihil said...

What a wonderful series ! Thank you. Snap on !

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments Bill

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