Saturday, February 6, 2016


I do not have any info on this band.
If you have info please clue me in


Echiré79 said...

some infos =

and also on the book " Fuzz,Acid and Flowers

snakeboy said...

Some more info on the band at Rate Your Music site, where it's said the band is from the Midwest.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thanks for the info on Butterfingers I will check it out Bill

Anonymous said...

This album was released as a testpressing only and recorded in the US Midwest 1970. Nothing is known about this album, a mystery like Jungle. 10 great heavy tracks loaded with extra heavy fuzz-guitar, organ and souly male vocals. The guy sings like a male Janis Joplin, the music sounds like a tough version of Big Brother & Holding Comp. Nothing for sweet Folkpsych fans. This is big-boys-stuff. Heavy and full of soul. It bites." Fake R. Crumb artwork, ala Cheap Thrills.

Another mystery group with a hideously rare private press to their credit. Butterfingers are thought to have come from Texas, as their album is rarely sighted far from the Houston area.

Musically, this band will have wide appeal amongst readers of this book - wild psychedelic guitar on every cut, that druggy underground vibe that was so prevalent in the 'States during this era but seldom was captured on vinyl (and was never allowed on radio). The lead vocalist has an obnoxious "soulish" vocal technique that irritates, however and overall the band come across as one-dimensional.

Several collectors are quite certain that Butterfingers were a black group, but they sound simply hillbilly to me. Adding Texas to the equation makes the latter interpretation more likely, although still speculative.

Despite what may appear as a lukewarm review, many collectors rate this album highly, and the reissue is certainly recommended.

01. Key
02. Has The Buggerman Got You
03. Look Out Now
04. 5 o´clock Trip
05. In The Shade Of The Night
06. High Walkin´
07. I Feel Like An Elephant
08. Where Ya Gonna Hide
09. Why Get High
10. Bootleg

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