Saturday, October 28, 2017


The insects of the world can be the scariest creatures just by natures way
Only Mankind can be more terrifying. Just because he has the power to reason makes you wonder
why he continues to do these horrid acts  .Insects have been around since the dawn of time and wtll be around long after mankinds demise.

boris the spider - who
elusive butterfly - bob lind
moth and the flame - seeds
bumble bee - sidewinders
black widow spider - big  brother & the holding company
sugar bee - canned heat
the fly - chubby checker
i'm a king bee - slim harpo
caterpillar - big bother
waspman - who
firefly - alexanders timeless bluezband
the cockroach that ate cincinnati - rose and the arrangement
the mosquito - doors
flies in the bottles - great specked bird
spiders and snakes - jim stafford
black widow - tarantulas
serpents and spiders - valiants
black widow spider - them
tarantula - pedro lelo

the birds snd the bees - jewel aikens
the spider and the fly - buffalo tom
grasshopper the- mamas and the papas
there ai'nt no bugs on me = jerry garcia and david grisman

For those who noticed or even care  I made a mistake on the tracks by
posting a duplicate. I will find a tune as a replacement .Guess i'm getting sloppy
on my old age


Carlos said...

Cool! Thanks Bill, take care and enjoy! :)

john said...

great idea for a compilation. I like some insects better than some people we have around us. Thank you.

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