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  Half a century ago, PROCOL HARUM, who achieved tremendous success with their debut single "A Whiter Shade Of Pale", made a significant contribution to the genre of progressive rock, while preserving their roots, which lie in blues and soul.  "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" is still one of the best-selling singles of all time.  The cover of "Novum", which was painted by Julia Brown (Julia Brown) contains references to the design of the debut disc of the group of 1967, which includes this single.

 Since their first appearance in 1967, PROCOL HARUM has not ceased to evolve, but their lead remains the vocalist, pianist and composer Gary Brooker.  The current line-up consisted mainly of the early '90s and includes bassist Matt Pegg, JETHRO TULL, and Jan Brown's band, drummer Geoff Dunn, accompanying compositions by Jimmy Page, Dave Stewart, Van Morrison),  Guitarist Geoff Whitehorn, Roger Chapman, Paul Rogers and Roger Daltrey, and organist John Phillips, solo projects of Pete Townsend and Midge Ur.

 "Our last studio album is released in 2003, and as PROCOL HARUM turns 50 in 2017, we needed something special, and as a result we got a new album with new songs from the band that have been together for 10 years.  And producer Dennis Weinreich (Dennis Weinreich) contributed to the album, which I think is the best in PROCOL HARUM history. "Just listen!"  - says Gary Brooker.

 "Novum" marks a new direction PROCOL HARUM - all the songs were composed by all members of the group, and the texts to most of them were composed by the poet Pete Brown (Pete Brown), best known for co-authorship of CREAM songs.  Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the songs has changed - they still make you think, but now they have elements of humor.

 "Novum" is not only a souvenir for the 50th anniversary of the amazing group, but also a new step in its evolution.  This long-awaited selection of new songs is sure to please the dedicated fans of PROCOL HARUM.

01. I Told On You
02. Last Chance Motel
03. Image Of The Beast
04. Soldier
05. Don't Get Caught
06. Neighbour
07. Sunday Morning
08. Businessman
09. Can't Say That
10. The Only One
11. Somewhen

Line Up:
Gary Brooker - piano, accordion, vocals
Josh Phillips - organ, vocals
Geoff Whitehorn - guitar
DMatt Pegg - bass guitar
Geoff Dunn - drums


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