Thursday, March 3, 2011


The Springer's Inn show that includes an incredible Alligator and a well noted Easy Wind with some great Weir guitar work. This was the first of two shows at Springer with one other (Corvalis) sandwiched between them. It was at the time that the band had just released the "Live Dead" LP

Disc 1

01 Stage Announcements
02 Casey Jones
03 Mama Tried
04 Black Peter
05 Hard To Handle
06 China Cat Sunflower
07 I Know You Rider
08 High Time
09 Good Lovin>Drums>Good Lovin

Disc 2

01 Stage Announcements
02 Dancin' In The Streets
03 Alligator>
04 Drums>
05 The Eleven Jam
06 Death Don't Have No Mercy
07 Cumberland Blues
08 Me And My Uncle
09 Dire Wolf
10 Uncle John's Band

Disc 3

01 Easy Wind
02 Cryptical Envelopment>
03 Drums>
04 The Other One>
05 Cryptical Envelopment
06 Cosmic Charlie


Anonymous said...

hi bill
dead live uplifts like no other....
thanks for these....
cy from pck

john said...

Thanks for the Grateful Dead. I remember before the internet and your blog how hard it was to get great rare music. I am still digesting the Quicksilver downloads that are so good. Thanks so much.

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