Sunday, January 8, 2012


The info on this set states the lineup as a trio of Lee Dorman, Ron Bushy and Mike Pinera .
Mike Pinera influences this time frame with a couple of Blues Image tunes and one from his stint with Alice Cooper
This lineup cannot be documented as such but still serves as an interesting piece of IB history with the band being held together by the three.The Butterfly musicians were coming and going with the original " Da Vida" members soon reforming later in the year for a full fledged reunion

The Omni
South Jersey NJ

tracks 6 thru 8 with Donny Vosburg on drums

1. (opening intro)
2. Easy Rider
3. Soul Experience
4. Pay My Dues
5. Don't Hurt The One You Love (Deyna)
6. Ride Captain Ride
7. Leavin' My Troubles Behind
8. School's Out
9. Iron Butterfly Theme
10. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida


Anonymous said...

Had to get this one just because of the song selection. I musta missed when Pinera played with Alice Cooper. But my involvement with Alice has been spotty sense the original band broke up. The sound on this one is quit listenable too.

Thanks, steve

Sadness said...

Happy 2012 mate..
haven`t been doing bloggin for awhile.. come back and see you have my fave stuff posted.. many thanks

Anonymous said...

I just came across your site
anyway to re-upload Iron Butterfly
The Omni, South Jersey NJ, 4-19-87?
thanks, jez

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