Saturday, January 12, 2013


Quicksilver Messenger Service - 1968. KSAN, San Francisco, CA , 1ST & 2ND GIG, FM SBD
San Francisco, CA

*This tape is circulating as april 1st or 6th 1968. Nobody really know if the performances broadcasted by
KSAN were exactely the same of the Winterland show from April 6th.

FM SBD Even though sources claim this as a SB the actual sound quality is rough but again remember it's History and I am thankful to hear it

1st Gig.

01 The Fool
02 Pride Of Man
03 Walkin' Blues
04 Light Your Window
05 Who Do You Love
06 Smokestack Lightning (fades out at the very end)

2nd Gig.

01 The Fool (around m. 5:56 the sound is missing for 1 sec)
02 Who Do You Love
03 Gold and Silver +
04 Too Long +
05 Backdoor Man

+ possibly the Saxophone player on those 2 tracks is Steve Schuster.(Jack Bonus)


roger said...

great blog, my kinda music, thanx, its all good. love country joe and the fish. my first concert was cj fish 1967. ive added you to my blog roll.

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