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Originally founded in 1987 as The Grape Nut Flakes, the band played the bay area paying tribute to Moby Grape. A few years into the process they attracted the attention of Jerry Miller and he sat in with them on occasions. Over the upcoming years many of SF's legendary musicians would sit in with the band.Supposedly the band was threatened with a lawsuit by Post Cereal to force a change in name. They would adopt the moniker of Grape Escape .This LP was recorded sporadically between December 89 through December 94 at B Street Studios in San Mateo CA

* Pollution (Lashley/Juan/Mahoney)
* Get Your Ass Up (Lashley/Miller)
* Bitter Wind In Tanganika (Mosley)
* Not the Marrying Kind (Lashley)
* Everybody Knows (Lashley)
* Tear And A Smile (Lashley)
* Blow Wind (Lashley)
* If I Were President (Lashley)
* Castro Street Blues (Lashley)
* I Am A Dreamer (Mosley)
* Attitude (Lashley/Juan)
* Grape Escape Boogie (Lashley)
* Goin' Home (Lashley)


Project Grape Escape;

* Mark Lashley - guitar, keyboards, percussion, vocals
* Craig Juan - bass, background vocals
* Don Graham - drums
* Pat Mahoney - keyboards

Extra special guests;

* Tom Constanten - keyboards (Bitter Wind In Tanganika, Blow Wind, If I Were President, Castro Street Blues, I Am A Dreamer, Attitude, Grape Escape Boogie)
* Peter Lewis - guitar (Tear And A Smile)
* Jerry Miller - guitar (Get Your Ass Up, Tear And A Smile, Castro Street Blues, Grape Escape Boogie), backing vocals (Castro Street Blues, I Am A Dreamer, Attitude, Grape Escape Boogie)
* Bob Mosley - guitar, backing vocals (Bitter Wind In Tanganika, I Am A Dreamer, Attitude)
* Don Stevenson - narration (I Am A Dreamer), backing vocals (Attitude)


mona khan said...

Great Blog , lots of interesting tips, think I might have to have a go at one of these in the next few years. Got a 6hour day/night endure in the summer which should be a good laugh. Building up to the big 24 ;-)
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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear this. Is this from the now missing Grape Escape site that you had once posted a link to but that I was not quick enough to get anything from? I hope so. Keep 'em coming.

24HOURDEJAVU said...

I do not remember a Grape Escape site but I do have tribute LPs to Moby Grape from a site that is still on the web but the links were removed . If I am not wrong I believe a couple of the founders of that site have passed away Alas I guess there is no escaping that fate

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. It was the tribute site I recalled. If I remember they suffered from the Big Crackdown that hurt so many of my favorite sites. It's a shame though because they were posting their own material.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the tribute CDs

Still working as of today. The tribute CDs are great, The fans that recorded these songs are not just passionate Moby Grape fans, but also excellent musicians. Well worth getting copies of.

Bob W.

PS: Craig Juan (bass on Grape Escape) also played in a Grateful dead cover band that was also excellent (memory fails and I can't recall the band's name)

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Bob Thanks for the tribute page link. The pages are still up and running however the links to the tribute music itself have been discontinued. I have all the files and will repost them if anyone would like them

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear them. Please to post them as you find the time. If you don't do it nobody else will.

john said...

Moby Grape what a band. What a bunch of loyal fans. Thank You.

auweia said...

I have some of those tribute CD's's Still Mo Grape

auweia said...

hey these links seem to be gone already. at least one said they were removed for infringement

I'm not sure, but I thought I heard somebody was trying to release Grape Escape, a few years ago maybe and could still be trying? Haven't heard anything for awhile. I know it was on cassette and somebody's been trying to get it on CD

beyond that I dunno, but I'd say that was an awfully fast take down. especially since all the previous links are still working

24HOURDEJAVU said...

Okay let's try this again I must have added with an old link

auweia said...

ah yes, that's working now, thanks a lot...don't think I ever heard it before

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