Saturday, March 2, 2013


In 1983, Sahm and Meyers signed with the Swedish Sonet label, and made several extensive European tours that revitalized their careers. The single “Meet Me In Stockholm” from their Midnight Sun LP went platinum and was one of the biggest selling records ever in Scandinavia. “We were having riots on stage,” said Doug. “Swedish chicks (were) running up on stage, knocking me over, ripping my clothes.”


01  let's don't waste a minute
02  this time
03  high high bye bye
04  one more time
05  someday
06  carol jane
07  meet me in stockholm
08  charismac face
09  be real
10  little georgie baker
11  sugar bee


Luc Brummans said...

All links are down. can you, please, reupload 'Midnight Sun'? I've been lookin after this one for years!

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