Friday, July 12, 2013


A quick note of interest about David La Flamme and IABD. This show marked the reunion of the band for the first time. All original members were present except for Patty Santos and La Flammes first wife Linda. Ironically her place was taken by David's second wife Linda who was going by the name of Dominique. The band used the moniker of It Was instead of It's A because of their legal issues with that rat Matthew Katz. Patty did not join at the advice of her lawyer.
 Disc 2

01. Wavy Gravy tells a joke and introduces….

Dan Hicks

02. How Can I Miss You When You Wont Go Away
03. Stoned
04. Save A Nickle Save A Dime (with the Opinions)
05. Her Eyes Were Meant For Me (with the Opinions)

06. Wavey Gravy Tells a Joke, Band tunes Up and Dave LaFlamme Introduces...

It Was A Beautiful Day

07. Wasted Union Blues
08. Hot Summer Day
09. Bombay Calling >
10. Bulgaria >
11. Time Is
12. White Bird
13. Don And Dewey


Compulsive Cybersurfer said...

It has been a pleasure coming back again ...and again ..and again.

Request you for the link for Tribal Stomp Disc 2

Thanks a Ton.

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