Sunday, August 5, 2018


First  of all Hello to all who check on the site. I am still alive,a little better in health, and  I  can finally get to  get back home to St,Louis. We finally sold our house and will lesve Atlanta Aug14   is from the 1956 scorecard , I was 7 years old, I remember vividly going to alot of games with my Grandpa We always sat in the lower right field seats
I will be back in a couple of months and get back to some tunes, Have a great end of summer!

Friday, March 16, 2018


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


This is just a check in for now. Thanks for sticking if you are one who does such s thing . It will be little while before I can get back to working and posting.  Two big illnesses are plaguing me but what's amazing his that it is the inability to sit at a desk for more  then 5 minutes without probleme. 
oh well better just ignore what hurts and focus on the big picture. It is Hell to get old

Sorry about the Zippyshare mess .I do not know  how they did it but the links for the lstest  posting have been deleted from some outside source  It will be a while before I can repost or repair them  I am sorry but it takes time to do the fixin  The blog will stand for now and on days that I can I will try to return

Friday, December 22, 2017



  Half a century ago, PROCOL HARUM, who achieved tremendous success with their debut single "A Whiter Shade Of Pale", made a significant contribution to the genre of progressive rock, while preserving their roots, which lie in blues and soul.  "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" is still one of the best-selling singles of all time.  The cover of "Novum", which was painted by Julia Brown (Julia Brown) contains references to the design of the debut disc of the group of 1967, which includes this single.

 Since their first appearance in 1967, PROCOL HARUM has not ceased to evolve, but their lead remains the vocalist, pianist and composer Gary Brooker.  The current line-up consisted mainly of the early '90s and includes bassist Matt Pegg, JETHRO TULL, and Jan Brown's band, drummer Geoff Dunn, accompanying compositions by Jimmy Page, Dave Stewart, Van Morrison),  Guitarist Geoff Whitehorn, Roger Chapman, Paul Rogers and Roger Daltrey, and organist John Phillips, solo projects of Pete Townsend and Midge Ur.

 "Our last studio album is released in 2003, and as PROCOL HARUM turns 50 in 2017, we needed something special, and as a result we got a new album with new songs from the band that have been together for 10 years.  And producer Dennis Weinreich (Dennis Weinreich) contributed to the album, which I think is the best in PROCOL HARUM history. "Just listen!"  - says Gary Brooker.

 "Novum" marks a new direction PROCOL HARUM - all the songs were composed by all members of the group, and the texts to most of them were composed by the poet Pete Brown (Pete Brown), best known for co-authorship of CREAM songs.  Thanks to this, the atmosphere of the songs has changed - they still make you think, but now they have elements of humor.

 "Novum" is not only a souvenir for the 50th anniversary of the amazing group, but also a new step in its evolution.  This long-awaited selection of new songs is sure to please the dedicated fans of PROCOL HARUM.

01. I Told On You
02. Last Chance Motel
03. Image Of The Beast
04. Soldier
05. Don't Get Caught
06. Neighbour
07. Sunday Morning
08. Businessman
09. Can't Say That
10. The Only One
11. Somewhen

Line Up:
Gary Brooker - piano, accordion, vocals
Josh Phillips - organ, vocals
Geoff Whitehorn - guitar
DMatt Pegg - bass guitar
Geoff Dunn - drums

Saturday, October 28, 2017


The insects of the world can be the scariest creatures just by natures way
Only Mankind can be more terrifying. Just because he has the power to reason makes you wonder
why he continues to do these horrid acts  .Insects have been around since the dawn of time and wtll be around long after mankinds demise.

boris the spider - who
elusive butterfly - bob lind
moth and the flame - seeds
bumble bee - sidewinders
black widow spider - big  brother & the holding company
sugar bee - canned heat
the fly - chubby checker
i'm a king bee - slim harpo
caterpillar - big bother
waspman - who
firefly - alexanders timeless bluezband
the cockroach that ate cincinnati - rose and the arrangement
the mosquito - doors
flies in the bottles - great specked bird
spiders and snakes - jim stafford
black widow - tarantulas
serpents and spiders - valiants
black widow spider - them
tarantula - pedro lelo

the birds snd the bees - jewel aikens
the spider and the fly - buffalo tom
grasshopper the- mamas and the papas
there ai'nt no bugs on me = jerry garcia and david grisman

For those who noticed or even care  I made a mistake on the tracks by
posting a duplicate. I will find a tune as a replacement .Guess i'm getting sloppy
on my old age

Friday, September 22, 2017


01  locomotive braeth - jethro tull
02  tube train blues - bunning sunflower blues band
03  when the train comes back - chicken shack
04  train kept a rollin' - haymarket square
05  the train - five americans
06  onee train - honeycombs
07  yukon railroad - nitty gritty diry band
08  the train - transatlanic train
09  train( 44 blues) - don stevenson
10  your train is leaving - redeye
11  last of the steam powered trains - kinks
12  train for tomorrow - electric prunes
13  first train to california - cryan' shames
14  engine engine no. 9 - roger miller
15  big railroad blues - grateful dead
16  right now train = dewey martin & medicine ball
17  last train to clarksville - lester flatt & earl sruggs 
18  train to nowhere - savoy brown
19  last train to london - electric light orchestra
20  prettiest train - fred neil
21  last train to the stars - jack bruce & robin trower
22  traintime - cream
23  hear my train a comin' - jimi hendrix
24  two trains running - blues project

Monday, August 28, 2017


Don;t Spook The Horse
                                                   Horseback > Cortez The Killer

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Hello Folks ! Thought I would drop a line or two to let every one know I am still alive. Things are kind of rotten for us  and the move to St Louie is kind of stalled for right now. But alive is good and it looks like I may be able to post a few things on the blog So hope you bear with me    

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


01  mr.groove - one way
02 double dutch bus - frankie smith
03  you're the one for me - d-train
04  funk'in for jamaica = tom brown
05  flashlight - parliment
06  five minutes of funk - whodini
07 atomic dog = george clinton
08  be thankful for what you got -arthur lee & love
09  cutie pie - one way
10  it takes two - ron base
11  sugar freak - rick james
12  friends - whodini
13  you dropped the bomb - gap band
14  let it whip = dazz band
15  brick housr - commordores
16  car wash - rose royce
17 i'd rather be with you - bootsy collins
18  the cisco kid - war
19  jungle love - morris day & the tyme
20  she's a bad mama jama - carl calrton
21  juicy lucie   mtune
22 I want to take you higher - sly & the family stone
23  all night long - mary jane girls
24 i wanna get next to you - rose royce


Friday, June 30, 2017


01  Desperado edit  - Los Lobos Tito Tarantula
02  Titoli - Bradipos IV
03  A Gun For Ringo - Bambi Molesters
04  Sixty Seconds to What - Brent Cooper
05  A Fistful of Pasta - The Charles Napiers
06  The Vice Of Killing - Langhorns
07  Once Upon A time In The West - In The West
08  Farewell To Cheyenne - Di Dollari
09  Playa Pistoli - Pollo Del Mar
10  Navajo Joe - Pollo Del Mar
11   El Dorado - Reefriders
12  Los Diablos - Plantronics
13  The Great Silence - Kim Humphreys
14  Theme From For A Few Dollars More  - Babe Ruth
15  As a Judgement -  Bernard Yin
16  For a Fistful of Dollsrs - Dave Wronski
17  The Ectsacy of Gold - Balls of Fire
18  The Big Gundown - Irversible Slacks
19  Mexas - Space Hobos
20  For a Few Dollars More- Cosmonauts
21  Guns Don't Argue  - Penetrators
22  The Loud, The Loose, and The Ugly - Davie Allen
23  A Fistful of Dollars - Babe Ruth
24 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Atlantics